Light Source Toggle

Would it be possible to have a toggle switch for the light source skill? People often comment that my builds are too dark, but to me they always look fine due to having a constant light surrounding my character. It’d be nice to see what the natural lighting looks like when building. Thank you for considering this!


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yep ive had a friend who did not use lights at all
untill he “did not” see his interior with his alt lol

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Flashlights always have an on/off switch.
Right now its like returning a flashlight to the store to turn it off


Another reason it would be helpful to be able to adjust the light glow on the go is because it makes it very difficult to see the atlas properly. Because the atlases take their lighting from the surroundings they have a permanent highlight spot right in the middle where you are trying to look.


Revive aand +1


Sweet Necro! :coffin:

I have some great news, folks; a solution has since been found. They’re called Skill Cleanse Points. Not only are they awarded with each and every level-up, they’re also available for purchase with cubits at anytime for your convenience.


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^Refer to my comment for realistic comparison…

The, uhm, ‘realistic’ comparison between a skill that makes our rock-like bodies glow like gleam in a fantasy game and a flashlight…? Yeah, I read it along with every other post here before I replied.

My point was it’s an epic skill. It isn’t a flavour of luminous brew (which do exist in-game) or a forge effect (that exists too, and can be “turned off” by unequipping said item.) I comprehend the concept. I understand the convenience. To me, personally, it doesn’t make a lot of sense given the tools and options already at our disposal.

Either way, my post was intended in a joking manner; not trying to attack anyone’s two year old ideas for skill tree manipulation (which as my reply stated, is also a thing.) :kissing_heart:

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