Lighting Bug

Alas, I seem to have found a strange lighting phenomenon on Furthor at {688.94,72.60, 960.92}

My settings:

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Are there any torches below?

Oh, neat. you made a topic about lighting, i dont want to hijack it but i have something i find pretty cool which is also about lighting

PS: for both images there is a torch behind me

here is free view with no blocks to block anything.

Here is with 1 block at the bottom

its kinda hard to see but there is some pretty heavy shadow effects on the 3 walls surronding the block, which shouldnt be affected since the torch is in eye height anyways.

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Nope, none that I’ve found.

Thanks - we have a known lighting issue than can happen on chunk boundaries - also reported by @Ardos. It might be the same issue. You can tell if it happens on chunk boundaries if the exact position of the block is divisible by 16. We’ve not fixed the issue yet (as it happens fairly infrequently - but we will.)

Not exactly sure what you’re reporting here - but - we have an updated lighting solution for entities that will change the visual result significantly. Entities are everything that isn’t fixed in the World - for example: players, creatures, projectiles, etc. Once this lighting update comes - please check this out again.

although hard to show im trying to show the massive color difference, the block literally turns purple because there is a block under it

PS: hope you have considered a dynamic lighting system for the game, that is always baffeling to see >:<

The Entity lighting system is dynamic.