Links to this site for the general public to find


Read a remark about having trouble finding a link to this site and I 100% agree.

When I bought the game there was a link here, but when I was doing a search to learn about the game, it was the first time I had not ever found a direct link to this site. It took a while to find one to just the game, as what I kept getting was businesses that had that in their name or remarks about them businesses.

They Need to create a link to a site that give a description of the game, what is in it and what they will have in the future. Future players need accurate info on what is present day, not just what is planned for the future.
They also need to see that there is a community forum and how to find it without having to do a big search for it.

Want new players? Have a link to this forum that is the first thing they find with the info of the game. In your main page that you can find links to the crafting, worlds, skills and such, but not to this community.

You Need to add a link to the community forum.


Yeah you look up Boundless in google you get things like Boundless Management Group, Boundless Car Wash, the word Boundless found in news reports about soccer, but not Boundless the game…


Yea boundless is such a commonly used term its hard to maintain visibility


I’m a little confused, pretty sure the trailer mentioned af the end of it and you can get to forums from the website.

Am I missing (or not missing something)

Either way it takes 2 seconds to add the word game after Boundless so I dont think that’s a huge deal or issue.


I was just about to say the same thing there, TheDarkCrucible.

If you google the term ‘Boundless Game’ the game’s website and steam page are the first two results that appear.

Sometimes you just need to expand your search terms a little. :wink:


Sorry, don’t agree. I had typed in Boundless, reviews of Boundless, reviews of Boundless PC game, PC Boundless game,, and several other variations and did not find links to this site. Maybe it has changed from October, but then, I got zilch. And I don’t trust Steams reviews for the most part.
I did finally find the link to their home page.

BUT no link to this site and that make me suspicion that the players reviews weren’t very positive so the game was on the losing end of my buying it. It was only my son going buy it that had me do so. Otherwise, I would not have bought the game.
At $60 I was not about to take a chance on the game. $20 maybe, $60, no way.

Okay, did a check and there are links that were not there before. But still the same misleading trailer, the planets do not match up, the clothes do not make, they aren’t wearing the diapers we have now. There looked to be armor on one of the players, the critters don’t match up. There are no Titans and definitely no groups of player all working together to build and fight the Titans, so that is seen as misleading.

Current video is desperately needed, You can show the nice cities, Little Japan is beautiful, some of the castles that are awesome builds, not the ugly gleam cities, that is a put off. Ran across a settlement that looked like a old fashioned log cabin community, very nice looking, quite appealing for a person who wanted to live in such a type of setting, but there needs to be players in those settlements, cities, right now they look dead, as if they were built and deserted and many are I suspect.

I want people to see the good of this game and buy it, but right not it isn’t appealing and too many bad reviews on Steam.