Liquid Leaks Through Solid, Chiseled Block

It appears that if you hit a block with precise bevel chisel on 2 opposite ends, the liquid leaks through the block even though it appears solid. I can see how the mechanic works similarly to square chisel on opposite ends with only edges connecting since precise bevel does technically lobs off a quarter piece of the block, but the block still appears solid. Kinda deceiving :frowning:

Screenshots below

we have to store a single piece of liquid data for a given block space, so we cant have a liquid exist in one half of a block, but not the other half etc. In this case, it means the liquid has to be able to flow through the block entirely.


That makes sense. Thanks for the prompt reply and explanation!

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Well it makes sense code wise but it is complete nonsense visually and in reality…
I guess if thats the way its gotta be, then i guess so be it.
This is how light gets through a block too looks like.

That is indeed correct afaik! So solving this with liquids would mean we lose that ability as well!

Hey, good point!

That lighting hack is key for good looking builds!

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The liquids are actually smarter than lighting, lighting will pass to a neighbour block if both are not ‘full faces’, even if the combination of the two faces is ‘full’, but liquids look properly at the combination of the two faces so light can flow in many many more cases where liquids dont flow.

But we decided not to fix the lighting bug (fixing as in, make consistent with liquids) because it’d break so much of builds completely :frowning:


Oooh that is some juicy insight on how liquid and lighting work. Thank you!