Liquid Properties and other Slab Orientations

okay so i see the water is great mixing with the grass etc but i think that if you place a bit of furniture, stair or a slab etc depending on the surrounding liquid the area of the block that is air will get filled by the liquid around it.

for example…

with the properties the water would fill the space that the stair isn’t using, or if it was lava the same thing would happen only lava would take up the space instead.

and by furniture i mean that if you put lets say a chair under water teh space around it will also fill up.

Okay so for the second part we have 2 ways to put slabs but they both lay horizontally what if… we could have verticle slabs. so basically if you look at a wall and place it, the top of the slab would face you if you look at ground and place it same thing would happen again.


I would really like that too thats a thing that bothered me in Minecraft everytime.

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yeah to me i am a builder and the little things such as this make a hugwe difference for example the addition of slab adds tons of building optionsa along with stairs etc

Feast your eyes, then!

thank you very much

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