List of all quirk effects?

Im about to buy a weapon with the wonky trigger quirk effect. But I have no idea what it actually does (making the trigger wonky, what does it mean actually? Does the trigger occasionally fail so it wont shoot? and what’s the proc chance? Because that sounds like it could be potentially very bad for a weapon depending on how often it happens); tried searching for it but came up empty handed.

Any one care to enlighten me? Is there not a list of quirk effects descriptions?

Wonky Trigger = It will occasionally fire on it’s own (when equipped). Not sure on the proc chance.

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It’s random but i had a hammer with it a while back and i would say it would proc 1-3 times a minute if I remember correctly

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Here you go buddy:

Make sure you enable quirks via the filter.
The same quirks are available on all forged items and if you click the name in the list, it will give you the description.

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Thank you very much. wow never realized there was the Slow-Mo quirk… 50% sprint speed increase, that sounds OP just hold shift all the time = 50% faster speed?

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here’s another list I like to use.

Some of the quirks are actually nice but sometimes deter buyers from buying them. Wonky trigger is a good one on weapons, fires randomly but gives increased durability. I avoid wonky on tools.

Wonky on fists is a pain too

Wonky on a grapple would be real “fun” too then if it also detaches it :joy:

someone should open a shop that sells wonky everything. I’ll buy the chisels

I made the mistake of forging one with Wonky once. Never again

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