List of colour names

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If you look real close they are like @Stretchious said and are all two different colors.


(Roughly speaking) the game has a fixed colour palette with specialisation per block and creature type. When we’re selecting the names of the colours in the palette we generate a range of colour names procedurally and match them to the base palette. We then name each palette entry with the closest named colour we can find. The two colours represent the colour of the named colour and the colour of the palette entry it’s mapped to. The closer the two colours the more accurately they’re named. But given we’re generating the names ourselves (and they don’t relate to any other naming database) it’s largely just a little implementation detail.


Additionally - @lucadeltodecso and I experimented with a few (ok - many!) different ways of doing this based on known colours, but we ultimately couldn’t find a set of named colours that mapped cleanly to our palette - so we concluded the only way to do it would be to make our own names. Given that many colour libraries are protected and licensed IP maybe we should use our system more globally to generate an exhaustive set of colours and open source it.


Best Color Name … Ever.




New cooking recipe?
Shadow Mustard made of edible lamella, juicy berry and shadow orb.


Yes, the colors changed again. :grinning:
Lighting is much warmer now.
and copper looks as new copper now :+1: :+1:
I like it - thank you - good work devs :ok_hand:


I think it looks like dusk even when the sun is directly overhead and no clouds

Still looks very dull and lifeless to me


@james or @lucadeltodecso can we get an updated graphic with final official color names for the released worlds? I think that might help a lot of people and I never saw the official final list. Please?


Not sure there “were” any actual changes since then, other than the Fuscia->Fuschia typo rename.