List of names?

Is there a way to view a drilldown list of current planet & settlement/city names (without graphics & all the other data)? I’d like a unique name that doesn’t accidentally copy a current name.


If you call it Majorvex I bet it’s unique :sunglasses:

It brings the issue of unique names up again.
Worlds & settlements should be like character names - locked after used once (in case of worlds and settlements it could be unlocked if a given name is freed, so no permanent locking like in case of EA backers perk).

Another name you want to be sure is unoque? Dropped scrabble method: jdgbciuaudgafshbxhalism :wink: :rofl:

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I have a name in mind for something that I want to make, I just don’t want to bother if someone else is already using it in some fashion.

(I don’t like to use my persona to label things- it would get weird…“Welcome to MajorVex, build a home on MajorVex” :open_mouth: :rofl:)


Yes. There is a way. But it is not easy to do. Adding Settlements is on my TODO list for Boundlexx, just have not gotten around to it.

Details if you are interested: there is a “private game API” that lets you poll settlements similar to how you can poll world data. It looks like the endpoint is ${apiURL}/planet/16/5, but the response is completely in binary, so you could need a reference to decode it.


I see. That’s alright, thank you :+1:

Settlement names and prestige values are on for all of the public worlds currently.

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That reminded me of how my sister named a settlement after our dog and it says something like ‘you have entered’ the dog.

So, don’t name your settlement after yourself! :grin: