List the items you hate seeing in shops


Without attributing any discussion to price, what are your LEAST favorite items to find in shops? Just name items if you want, it doesn’t even have to be detailed. Here’s my list so far, and as far as we know it might be the complete list for all… haha:

T1 Beacon Fuel
Beacon plotter/remover
Regular Earthyams
Wood Tools
Stone Tools
Warp Conduits

Generally, the common denominator for me is that the items take 10 seconds to gather and 30 seconds to craft in a crafting table, so a shop selling these generally isn’t worth the amount of time it takes for me to run there if I remembered where it was. Help us make sure our shops don’t end up a “dead shop”, even if we’re not selling the “hot” items. What is definitely on your “not” list?


I sold a smart stack of earth yams the other day.

900c in my pocket. Big bling, baby.


Forged tools.

Some people just want to watch the world burn…

GUIDE: 2.4 milion exp/hour // 3600 cubits/hour // 120 plots/hour
  1. I don’t believe you haha

  2. Can you also add something that answers the topic? For science, of course


I say to each their own. I buy & sell yams…all kinds. I’ve purchased beacons + fuel + plotter from nearby shops when I’ve forgotten mine. I’ve bought/sold warp conduits. If a shop doesn’t have what I want to buy, I keep looking until I find it in other shops.

I don’t have a not list because as skills are gained, you get really busy & may not feel like harvesting/searching/farming those low level items. Sometimes I’ll do it, sometimes I just want to buy from other shops and make stuff.

I don’t have any ideas how to prevent dead shops…maybe the stand goes back into your inventory after two weeks if it’s empty (like beacons/plots)


I’ve also sold out completely of regular yams…stand full of stacks…I think chefs buy them :smiley:


I disagree with anything that requires a crafting bench, sometimes I’m away from home and have a mostly full inventory and can’t be bothered to clear out space, gather resources, craft a table, and then craft a beacon and basic fuel if I want to claim something.

That said I do have them tucked In a back corner of my store and I’ve never sold any.

I don’t like seeing most small stores with the same 5 crafted items and no resources, but that’s just me and they probably have their place, especially if the prices are right.


Thanks for your input. :slight_smile: Can you specifically name some of those 5 items you don’t like seeing?


I like your idea on eliminating stands that are just plain empty for extended periods!


On a similar vein to “Beacons” and “T1 Beacon Fuel” on your list, I’d add

  • Beacon Plotter
  • Beacon Plot Remover

Really, anything that one would have to create during the tutorial should never end up on a shop stand! With the possible exception of Crafting Tables, since I can at least imagine someone wanting to power level an alt using Rock->Stone crafting looking for tables to skip over having to craft a metric ton of them. I think it would still be quicker/easier to just get a bunch of timber to hand craft them, though.


I feel the same way, but I’m not trying to start a tirade against tutorial items. I’m adding those two to my personal list for sure.


I think basic totem should never end up on a shop stand and i have seen people selling these.


I dont think banning or removing anything that isnt forced is ever a good idea. Whats important or valuable for me could be completely different to the next guy. If you dont like them, just dont interact with them. Taking things you dont like away from others is just selfish.


I agree, and that wasn’t actually the spirit of body of the OP. I changed the title of the post! :sweat_smile:

What are the things you don’t like to see in shops?


I hate seeing any item in a request baskest. Even more so if I also see the same item, selling on a shop stand for a higher price somewhere in the same store/shop.

I think this is because when I started playing the game, I kept seeing alot of request baskests asking for items for 1c or otherwise extremely cheap, and since then, request baskets in general, now give me the feeling someone is trying to buy items for far less then they are worth.


I hate lasy shops.
Shops that only resell things.


So that means you hate 80% of the shops out there? :rofl::rofl:


Same here I never sell or buy from a shop just because the purchasing and selling baskets are next to one another, or in the same shop it means the individual is not using them.

In my shop I only have one basket for purchasing reactive lamella, not hard to get, 25 each. And I don’t sell reactive lamella I use it for boon compounds.

Otherwise the general layout of most capitals is like a maze and I don’t even like thinking about running around them.


I’m with you. I don’t care what people sell. No skin off my back. (People just like to moan… about anything and everything).


prettymuch :grinning: