List the items you hate seeing in shops


I’m guessing you’re not a cook or tool seller then. We go through fibrous leaves like they were nothing and I’m way too lazy to go farm them myself :smiley:


I own the BCON BRGR in ultima, guess you could call me a cook…


Have never been, I don’t really use ultima :stuck_out_tongue:


I have come to this forum only to express support for @Fallon being the best.

That is all. Continue with your day


Overpriced items :wink:


Ah you should visit between 16.00 - 2200 utc, will throw food at you :joy:


I give away all the stuff you listed for free in my shop on my Free ■■■■ stands


How about shops named with a name that indicates its cheap, just to see the most stupidly over priced items in the game? Does that count for this thread


I didn’t want to pay too much mind to price discussion since that could be subjective as well, but if nobody can buy it, it might as well be empty right? I think one of the bigger takeaways I can get from the thread is that people hate seeing empty shop stands in a shop regardless of what they’re browsing through. Advising new shopkeepers to start small is a safe bet? :slight_smile:


[quote=“Janna55, post:31, topic:21305”]
Rows and rows of empty stands.[/quote]
This. I went shopping yesterday and spent over an hour portal jumping to empty shops. It’s so discouraging. At least a couple posted signs about being on vacation or playing RDR2. I don’t have all that much coin, but not being able to sell OR buy anything was upsetting. I wasted all that time I could have been farming.


Supply and demand. In the real world we have shops that sell lattes. Literally two cups of milk with one shot of espresso and those shops can sell them for around $4.00 each. You can buy a cheap espresso machine for like $40, a gallon of milk for around $4.00, and ground espresso beans for like $10. The drink takes like 20 seconds to make.


Where do you live, I’m going to stalk your shelves?


What I hate see on shop stands? Glass cubes over them :smiley:


Yes,… This. Nice idea in theory but not so much in practice


Antar Vi capitol Antaria

Portal from aquarius serpensarindi hub
(Big copper construct towards the nongleemy side.

Tomirs at shopmall hub 1th floor

tomirs hause portal third floor lamblis


I don’t mind individual items (everyone has to start somewhere, and they may only have a few things they can sell) so much as lack of organization. In a small shop, this isn’t such a big deal; but in a very large one, it can be frustrating. :\ Sell whatever you wish–just make it easy to find!