List where to find hard to get crafting/cooking items

There are a lot of posts asking where can we find this or that. Many are rare items that are on the higher level planets and knowing whether to look for fungus or elsewhere can be hard and dangerous, especially on higher level ones with the more dangerous critters.
So, I made a list of what is asked for the most and where we can find those needed items. I may have missed some items that some see as important, so let me know and I will add it to the list. I have it in word but not sure how to do a attachment, so here it is.
Hope this helps some

Items for crafting/baking/brewing
The Knowledge section says planets up to 8, those two,7 and 8, will be out later on, 7 is being worked on now.
Sweet Beans: found: Oortian Staff (planets 3-8) Trumpet Root (planets 5-8)
Spicy Bean: found: Trumpet Root (planets 5-8) Desert Sword (1-8)
Bitter Beans: found: Stardrop plant (planets 5-8) Trumpet Root (planets 5-8)
Reactive Lamella: found: Molted Tar Spot Fungus (planets 3-8) Branch Funnel Fungus (planets 5-8) on land and in the water
Glowing Lamella: found: Glow Cap Fungus (planets 5-8)
Raw Exotic EarthYams: found: Traveler’s Perch (planets 6-8) Spineback Plant (planets 4-8) Mud (planets 3-8)
Raw Waxy EarthYams: found: Twisted Aloba (planets 3-8) Trumpet Root (planets 5-8) rare in mud (planets 4-8) soil (planets 3-8)
Raw Glossy Starberries: found: foliage of trees (planets 4-5 considered very rare, I see them as uncommon, maybe rare) you can also get bark from the trees.
Raw Juicy Starberries: found: foliage of trees (planets 5-8 have not hunted for them but the critters would make it very hard to collect them)
Vital Orbs: found: Branched Funnel Fungus (planets 5-8) on land and also in water on those planets. Molted Tar Spot Fungus (planets 3-8) Very rare on planets 1-8 in Tangle and Thorns.
Shimmering Orbs: found: Glow Cap Fungus (planet 5-8) rare in Growth on all planets To be honest, I did better in collecting them from Growth than hunting for the fungus.
Shadow Orbs: found: Weeping Wax Cap Fungus (planet 5-8) Ancient Corruption (planets 1-8 very rare the orbs and the Ancient corruption is also rare)

If you look in the Knowledge section you can see what they are used for, many for making items used in the centraforge and in making brews.
Checked and double checked for spelling and grammar mistakes, let me know if I missed any so I can correct them.


I wish this was more prominent somehow. I feel like a lot of people would use it more and be less frustrated. I’m not sure how easy it is or isn’t for PS players to find & use either. Sometimes I even forget it’s there :neutral_face:
Out of sight, out of mind.

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If it had a search field I’d use it more often. Finding what you’re looking for is harder than it should be.

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Totally agree, the Knowledge section desperately needs a search. You go to make one of the food items. It need purified butter, but that isn’t there on how to make it, yes, you can click on purified butter, but there are more than one step, take the milk glands and place into buckets into say the extractor (can’t remember, is it that or the mixer or refinery). Okay, I have to make buckets. Wait, I have to make nails first. Take out the milk, then you have to purify it, need charcoal and gravel.
Am tired, so can’t remember if it need another step to make it into purified butter.
The orbs, which ae used to make food aren’t in the food section, but in another area.
I understand they wanted to make it more complex; which is to give more steps and the need for items to be gathered so it would take longer and take more time to make the items, or that is how I see it.
Whatever the reason, many of the recipes are complex and finding the info in the Knowledge section can be frustrating.

And to make matters worse you can’t even click on some of the items to find out how to make it. A tree-style recipe view would be a godsend, now I either make a google sheet, or use boundless trade network which has many clicks involved, and it’s not ingame obviously.