Litter box is open

Right, the litter box is open. Here you will find ores, gemstones, fragments, leaves and much more at low prices. It is always refilled where it is after me to go collect it, but it can also happen that nothing happens for a few days, then I don’t feel like boundless at the moment (I’m unfortunately very pessimistic about the future) .

You can find my shop on Niia Zed Ka in Cat Topia, you can reach this via the TNT mega hub on Circapous I.

And yes, I know. My english it´s …


It is cool

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Your English is better than mine and I get a minimum of A- in English and it’s also my first language

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I’ve been visiting this morning and it’s great !! , I send you encouragement and I hope you enjoy your new area a lot. And do not worry about English, I translate everything with my mobile, because my English is from a nursery child or worse :joy::rofl::joy:

Hi, I will only run the shop occasionally, the fun of playing Boundless has unfortunately been completely lost and Wundertruck itself shows no interest in Boundless, at least that’s my feeling. I rarely log in, go mining a little and then sit down at a memorial to my cats, which Cayton preferred to build wisely.

Possibly. My interest and fun will come back one day and I’ll expand the shop or build a slide park, but at the moment everything seems pointless to me, and I even think that it won’t be long before the boundless servers go offline become.

Nevertheless, it is worthwhile to visit my shop every now and then, there are no longer any large quantities, but cheap prices.