Live auction on friday

Hi everyone,
Following @Havok40k wonderfull idea of live auction, i decided to hold one at the tower of doom temple on Solum (1800, -200) accessible from Pixel gate (-1800, -200) or Lucky starport (Karokendo’s hub) Portals. If you need more specific explanation on how to reach the place, just ask me in PM.
The auction will take place at 8 PM (US eastern time) on friday the 29th. Here are the items that will be auctionned and starting prices:
3X topaz hammer starting bid at 2000
3X titanium hammers starting bid at 600
2X ruby axes starting bid at 2000
2X ruby slingbow starting bid at 2000
2X titanium chisels starting bid at 600
2X gold chisels starting bid at 350
2X silver chisels starting bid at 275
15X refined rubies stack starting bid at 15000
5X spark cores starting bid at 300

P.S. Keep in mind that i need at least 5 buyers for the auction or else it might be cancelled. Hope seeing you there on friday

Portal in Karokendo’s hub, Lucky Starport

Portal in Pixel Gate

Tower of doom temple


3 and a half days left before the auction

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count down: three days left before the auction…and bumping up

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About two days left before the auction…and still bumping up


Auction tomorrow night

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im in. ill be there. just dm to remind me or if your on the discord @ me :slight_smile:

live auction in about 40 min

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i’ll be there :slight_smile:

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