Live servers down for upgrade to v182 [Completed]


This will role over the feature set seen in the Testing 181 version.


OMG signs are coming :star_struck::heart_eyes::exploding_head::scream:


Oh boy here we go, whats the expected downtime? D:


My day off sick is starting to look so much better! :smile:


A sight one doesn’t see too often:


planets exploded D:<!


Oh man–I left the gas on!


figures gotta bring pc to get fixed the day the update comes out…


Yay! I cant wait to make a vid showing off the new content! I was right in the middle of mining more coal at my Vulpto base = ( . I’m just glad to see that its updating vs me uninstalling & reinstalling the game, cause that’s what I was about to do.


Completed and worlds back up.


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