Lizard Island - Lasaina

Hi everyone,

We are slowly working to open boutique shops on our island on Lasaina.

Currently we have request baskets for the following if you are looking to sell :slight_smile:

Bone @ 9C
Sap @ 2C
Oortstone @ 260C
Any rock @ 0.1C - Better than a minter
Ice @ 1C

Also have a look around and check out Cetecea’s marble shop, now open. This is a soft launch and we hope to have a proper “open house” next weekend.

You can access Lizard Island from DK Mall, TNT Hub, PS Boori, and Sydney

Hope to see people around the island, and just beware its a WIP. Though I think we’ve plugged all the holes…I think.

Lizard Island shopping area. WIP

Portal hub. Feel free to hit me up to connect!

Cetecea’s marble. Regularly stocked.

The mosaic shop. Select colours. Still has no name…

Bean and leaf kiosk. Stocked casually. First come first to get beans!

Complimentary snacks if you’re hungry during your visit.

Terra ore and gem shop. Stocked regularly.

Stop! Hammer time. Take a left after exiting the portal hub.


Really nice place you have :blush:


Spicewhale and Zachara are awesome definitely check out their place!


Thanks guys!


Always support your local Aussie! Buy all their stuff so @Spicewhale doesn’t have to resort to more… unsavoury methods… to support their partner’s marble addiction!


So I can save 15% or more on bones?

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We are trying to get her professional help!

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Am I buying bones too cheap?

Main post updated with photos. Individual ones deleted. I’ll just update the main now as we continue to complete the island :grin:


Spicy and sweet beans back in stock. Jus sayin.

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Our forge shop is now open on the island. Screenshot in main post. If you want high quality forges at reasonable pricing. Then go to Dub-T, or Giorgio Oortmani, or Q-Mart! But, if you want sub par forging at excessive prices, we got you covered!


Request baskets for Lizard Island have moved to “Oortany & Co.” shop in DKMall Row Z

I came through the other day, very nice architecture! Look forward to seeing you grow and develop

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Thanks for visiting!

We are now selling select bricks in the old request basket kiosk. Can’t miss it after exiting the portal hub!