Local hangouts

My tavern in Ulaip is open for business. Come grab a drink sometime and rent a room upstairs if you need to.

We need real chairs though…


Looks great! Good use of different wood colour as tables.


Thanks, as a new player, I enjoyed the healing block several times!

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Why are you not using “img” tag? :wink:

<img src="http://cloud-4.steamusercontent.com/ugc/541895566604746924/FD592AB5CD4FA659A1E22BC02E5547C0DD9221EC/" width="480">

I was thinking the same thing, it would be way easier xD

An even better question are why have you not just dragged the image into you post when you wrote it as discourse automatically uploads the picture if you do that?

Maybe it is 2 big

You can edit the size of the picture in the post too

<img src="/uploads/default/1185/595f100782d4aecd.png" width="312" height="300"> 

<img src="/uploads/default/1185/595f100782d4aecd.png" width="52" height="50"> 

And if you are talking about the file size i have yet to meet a picture that is to big to be put in on the discourse.

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i am talking about the size xD
And i have had this problem before, it is only 3 or 4 MB maximum

I have issues with the pictures I dunno what I’m doing.

Lol, whats the issue?

I loooove what you’ve done with the healing blocks! :smile:

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