Loking for Hunts in December

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Looking for a hunting Party.

Going out on T5 or T6 worlds. PS does not have a scheduled hunt so im hoping to get a group going myself.

What say you?


It’s say get on discord if you can, even on mobile. Join as many community channels as you can/want, including (but not limited to):

Official boundless. https://discord.gg/RBjFuH
Portal seekers guild. https://discord.gg/P59XEf
Hunters guild. https://discord.gg/RSkGKB
Aquatopia. https://discord.gg/krW3Kf
Ultima inc. https://discord.gg/Ez2R4a

Many more…

There’s a hunter bot that most of these channels share, so by typing !hunter you will be pinned whenever anyone starts a hunt on any of those channels.

Also you can start your own hunt and ping all hunters by simply typing “!hunt” and then give details of where and when it starts.

Really helpful and very effective

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Thank you! I had wondered where to find the hunting channels

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Previous post updated with 1day links.

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thanks dude. Was literally just struggling to use discord


Thanks. I’ve been wanting to join hunts but not wanting to search citys in game for people hosting them. This will be of great help!

Are there a list of updated channel links? these are all expired

If i remember correctly, the snow meteors are going to fall on low-tier planets and not T5 and T6. Make sure so you don’t waste time on the wrong planets :smiley: