Long fall boots

I’ve been playing with graple for a whil now and i keep exadentaly falling.
And after a while i die and have to start over at my spawn point.
So i was wondering maybe you could make some kind of item that could reduce fall damage or make you float long distances something like springy shoos or a glider.

give me some feedback or leave your own ideas on this topic :smile:



been there done that, but yeah sure, lets take up the discussion again.

i personally think it would be OP to reduce fall dmg too much since i think that is going to be the #1 reason for deaths in oort online so if you remove that you remove alot of the danger, personally i would like to see it as a racial trait if anything, but personally not too fund on the idea of having it on a piece of gear.

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I think the fall damage is fine as it is now but the damage you receive when you smash into walls with your grappling hook is a bit over the top imo :smile:

Dont you think they are connected? so the DMG = Force * '‘hardness of object you hit’ and since Force is Mass * Acceleration it makes sense that you also apply quite a bit of force in hitting the wall.

They could just change the math behind the damage…it doesn’t have to be connected or match with actual physics.
Also there is no such thing as DMG in physics :wink:

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True, it means that the DMG is equal to the amount of Force that is being applied to you, the easiest solution would be to NOT fly smack into a wall you know xD

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That´s not quite right, the equation you would have to use would be (mass*speed^2)/2 , but I wont discuss physics now.
Definitely, yet the damage you receive feels to high in comparison to your speed.

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I dont mind it, but then again i think players should be punished for doing stupid things (E.g jumping off a cliff, faceplanting a wall, falling into lava)

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