Long term Hunt leader contract (Maybe not so Hypothetical)

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Would anybody be willing to accept a contract to lead weekly hunts? With weekly pay in coin regardless of performance. once, or 5 or 7 days a week. As an individual or leading a group of hunt leaders…Or part of that group…

I know many people like to lead hunts, But I was more so wondering if anybody could/would “Commit” to it…

I would be open to committing to something like that. My problem is that I’m in Pacific Time and don’t get home until very late, which is after all the hunts are done. There also would be some weeks I can’t do all 5 days, so something like 3 weeknights would be more realistic for my schedule.

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You remind me, I should mention this hypotheically would be on USW time. I would also not be opposed to have multiple hunts a day. Such as offering a Late one with you and an earlier one…

Does Sounds good, because i m working in shifts and so i would have a Chance for hunts even after late Shift.
What time would or could IT BE on pacifik time to Check the time in Europe .

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Not sure if this is what you’re looking for but the H.S.E. Usually has late evening hunts (aprox 9 pm mountain time) Wednesday’s to Saturday. They usually announce it on the discord hunting bot. I join a few times a week. They run a really good hunt with a high player turn out.

A primary time would be between 4pm and 8pm Pacific Standard time. But thats not to say we cant support different times of the day.

I also recognize this would conflict with other regularly scheduled hunts. We can work around those, or just hit a different planet.

Thank you @Aragorn but im looking to host hunts. Not just to join. Although piggy backing of some Other hunts may be a plan B

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Maybe @Ratchel would be interested in doing a few days

More hunts the merrier. I’ll join them if they’re open to everyone. That’s really close to my playtime.


Absolutely! I have a target audience but a scheduled hunt is always open ti anybody

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May come back sometime but don’t need to pay.

Most the people lead hunts every between Sasquatch and Naughty.

is there existing an overview from all regular Hunts from all time zones ?

Naughty Hunts daily at Noon EST. :blush:

noon means midnight ?

No… Noon is opposite. 12:00 pm… one starts in 4 minutes from now.

ah ok thats the hunt which is with Darthpain am i right ?