Looking For A Builder/s

As some people may be aware, I’ve been inactive for a couple of months.
I’m returning to the game very soon, I’m looking for a builder to revamp “Meteor Meet”
The person will be giving full permissions to the current Meteor Meet to knock it down and rebuild it, I have no preference as long as my design of the meteor stays in the middle.

Any colours
Any blocks
Any design

The person/people will be paid after the project is complete (Unless I know you then I can give you full payment upfront)

I’m not sure if this interested any of you @Kaplah @CanadianEh - Other than that feel free to inbox me privately to discuss any further information.

Thanks :pray:t3:


Pfft Pfft Pfft Power-chan did that already go to Nomad Hunting Network Jacey-chan


Yup I seen

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He’s back! :sunglasses:

Make Meteor meet pink and beautiful (^-^)

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Jacey, FYI you Have number of smoking beacons on Finata. Roads mainly.

Welcome back old chap. Does this mean I can no longer sell Meteor Meats? I would help build but I have a secret squirrel going on right now.


Not here for the builder part… just stopped by to say Welcome back, it has been a while :slight_smile:


If you have time to wait I can help build but Orrian beat you to the punch.

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Yay he is coming back about time :rofl::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::kissing_heart:

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