Looking for a builder willing to pay 20k

I’m just gonna do it myself

Boost that to 100k as 45m is quite some work!


Idk how long it would take here Take a pics also 100k that is highway robbery

What exactly needs to be done? The picture is not very clear.

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The future and I just need the roof filled in

A flat roof?

Yes it is no extra just follow the pattern of the thing I already laid out

Sounds like that would be easy lol
Maybe 20 minutes worth depending on pattern (im assuming a checkerboard?)

If so 10k would be a good offer but not enough to get anyone willing to swing by and do that for you :crying_cat_face: sorry. (25-30k might get a bite)

If no luck you can try me this weekend maybe and i can manage time to log back in from my hiatus and swing by for free.

No literally I believe like every nine forward is gleam I set it all up it’s pretty easy I’m just lazy but I’ll up it

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