Looking for a chisel


I’m looking for anyone selling chisels with the new boons


I made a few this morning, can give one to you for free if you want until you find some to buy.


Check out exploring Fists :smiley:


The best ones are definitely here :wink:


Mine are up for sale at 800c with lattice and dura


Of course Original Forgeries at Nova Golda Market, stand A1+A2 also has them!

Metal 499c, Stone 399c, Gem 2999c

They go fast tho!


Pyrr’s gloomy shop at new ultima (-1619, -1297,74)


A rainbow of chisels!


Thank you but a few people responded with shop location but thanks again


2000 Dura Lattice chisels at Waterfront Outlets shop B4
With bonus 5m magnet get em while theyre luke warm