Looking for a good exo gleam shop

Anything else besides gleam universe ?

I am specially looking for azure gleam

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I assume you’re looking for a place cheaper than gleam universe? As i doubt their stock is an issue :stuck_out_tongue:

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You are correct :slight_smile: I’ll go there as a last chance as some of those prices are quite high.

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Azure is old so that’s gonna be pricey.

Try exo heaven at my mall. Y10


I am currently building a shop that will have azure gleam among others. It is currently still under construction. Planning to add stock tomorrow.
Location is at DK Mall Y19-23

Update: gleam is available now


I have some light azure on Raxxa but no plain azure.

If you’re interested in the exo gleam colors at my base, take the TNT raxxa portal, turn left, and go down off the hub to the shop stands around my factory there.

Not the stands up on the hub those are gleambow loot, so they have all colors including common ones.

Most exo gleam that i have there is priced at 30c.

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Thanks. I finally went to gleam universe, a bit pricy but didn’t need many.

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