Looking for a good place to put a portal on therka

The other end will go straight to the chisel contest platform. Any ideas or spots that a portal would work well?

i can make room on plaza got old trampoline thats broken you say yes i build it today
just tell me size i chisel a good one

i got lot off trafic there that gonna be interested in the new portzal lolz

ill post a pic off the spot

the trampoine has it own beacon and is never used so it must go away anyways lolz
i can leave a spot for an art pieces by the winner there to

@Cookviper you can also link it to my portal hub


Thank you both for your offers. I’m gonna check them out and let you know :grin:

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Sad times removing the trampoline-art. One of the first things I saw!

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I have many spots left in my garden, you will be opposite a portal to the hub if you want.

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gonna rebuild it elswhere for ya hate to destroy a good memory
if ya want i can give it to you :grin:

Lol, it’s okay, I’ll savour the screenshot :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue:

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gonna swipe the floor and get cogwebs out make it look nice for inspection :grinning:

its ready :grin:

oldscool buildingstyle


That’s amazing!!! I’ll have no problem at all finding it amongst the million other portals there :heart_eyes:. Well done sir.

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You can make a portal in Moebius Row also. If you want a space that isn’t made right now I know the owner of that

The chisel contest is over since 9 months :joy:


You can hook up to the Portal Seekers gateway in therka if you want…

How everyone is shamelessly promoting their hub without paying any attention to the topic.

Especially as there is already a screenshot of the portal being active. (10 months ago) :joy:

An epic necro thread indeed :crazy_face: