Looking for a new place to build

I want to build a new base. Looking for suggestions. Any tier is fine. If you are looking for settlers let me know where you are and I will check it out. I dont care how small but my current base is in a massive city. I’d rather have a different experience.


We at LACUNA would love to have you. Were number 2 in size on Storis II. We have about 5 daily players and several others that come and go.

Unlike most other Boundless Cities, Lacuna feels like a real city, Designed by a Civil Engineer with space for each individual to build and expand, without the clutter of a shop under every building.

We have a local Emporium for every resident to have a shop that also acts as our Network hub to other major networks making travel easy.

Local guild, Local Forgers, Local friends. Lots of space to build! Come Check us out!

Access - From
Portal seekers Gravidias HUB - Portal named “LACUNA” behing the Boori Portal.
Legendville - Near the fantasy tree, Large portal called Emporium Nocturn
and The Shopping Expierence from Ultima - Portal called “Emporium Nocturn”

Autumn Dell is #2 on Trior and would love to have a few new people nearby and/or in town. We are a small “city” of 5-6 daily players and a few more less frequent ones. We have some spaces in town available and open expanses not far away. We’ll help you get set up with a player portal or a shop if you’d like. Visit the Welcome Center on the west end of town for details!

Can find us through the Biitula PS Hub, Meteor Meet, Trior Hubbit, Hunt Hive, Naughty Mall, Mom & Pop’s shop, Duskmoor and a few others.

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Ron nice to see you again. Iconic has areas for guild members in Iconicsberg

Looking for my first real neighbors I live on minorengle all alone with a 1000 plant exoyam farm! Come check it out. Portal through Eeps shop waterfront outlets (a5) or the coin mint portal bagamnon.