Looking For a plot for a shop in DK Mall

Looking for a shop on DK Mall, I have some interest in some areas. In game name is daughterofeve

Summoning @DKPuncherello =)

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Awsome :smiley:

Hi there :blush:

Hello, :smiley: im in DK atm

Oh I’m not on but how can I help? Did you find an available unplotted spot?

There is one im interested in on a corner nothing ploted , think the name on it is gyrm?

Oh it says DAT

Try plotting there to see if the game will let you

Do you know what row it’s in?

Unfortunately several people have claimed nice corner spots and then didn’t build anything in them.

Ahh its owned by DAT, cant plot on it

Its a 4x4 nice plot in the middle, Not sure what row its on

Oh found the other spot i like but its fenced off, the sign says Vyla

C38/40 the little sign says

There is a button you can press to show you what is and isn’t plotted in a little grid. B is default on PC I believe, or if you have a beacon in hand I think it shows you the grid.

If you run around with the grid open, you can try to spot unplotted areas.

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Ahh ic, will try that

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Awsome i found a plot :smiley: , now to change the name on it :smiley:


Great! Yeah sorry about all those claimed spots.

Do you know what your mall address is?

Yes, let me go check again

C88/90 it says on the little sign

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@DaughterOfEve welcome to the community!

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