Looking for a ride to my first exo!

I noticed that the new exo is only LVL 1 protection needed, wich should be doable for my characters. However i dont have the warp skills nor the skill refund points to specc in and out of it. Anyone willing to take me? Ofcourse paying my share of the warp costs. I’ll be on for the rest of the afternoon and early evening, CET.

Thanks in advance!

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Hi @TrueLost, i will log in in 10 min if you stil need

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Ofcourse! How do we meet?And, sweeeeet.

Wheres the warp planet for the new t4?

Do you mean the closest to the exo? That would be Circarpous I.

I am log in right now, do you know tnt nerwork?

Yeah i do! Whereabouts?

I am in main tnt Hub on circarpous

Be there in 5!


Have fun in your first exo. Make sure to take a liquid breaker to harvest some primordial resin.