Looking for a supply of wayfarers totems

Anyone willing to make/trade me a supply of these?

I have a basket at coin converters in Nova Golda Market, buying at 300c each, with 35k in it.

That seems reasonable to me, but I maybe way out!

If so please let me know.

I can make em for you well if you have the items for it

And I would love some too!

Lately I love to have a bunch of 'm unforged in a stack with a lootstick for building! And on T1/T2 you don’t need any extra damage and beats carrying around 3 more stacks of tools!

I can set up a workbench somewhere and give you perms? Or give you mats whatever you find easiest!

And can make it a guild thing so Fidach can use it too to stuff his mats in there as well for you to craft!

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Sure thing just setup a workbench

If your happy with the set up aens is doing, we can do that?

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I’m off to bed, but I’ll have enough mats for 100 totems in the morning (UK)

I’m working tomorrow, so not sure how I’ll get them to you.

Maybe I can leave the mats with @AeneaGames, or somewhere she has access, in case you can sort something out.

Fine by me, you can also add some storage boxes underneath the market paths if you can’t find space in existing ones

I’m off to bed now too tho!

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Cool, night all!

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if ya see me logged ingame at discord ya can also give shout i also got the wayfarer totem power lol
same for @AeneaGames


Thanks! I will set up a nice spot for that workbench! You and Dulki have to apply to the main Nova Golda guild then tho so I can do some advanced locks magic!