Looking for a Wayfarer crafter [completed]

Boundlesscrafting says this should be about 180k exp, I’ll throw in a teaching pie for you too.

Let me know if you’re interested in coming by and clicking a few times, thanks.

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i can make them

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I’ll PM to set up the meeting.

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I used to be able to make em but idk what happened I cant anymore

Saint-X has gt some going. I unthinkingly loaded up the machines with bar instead of alloys, hurrrr, so it’s not as many as I intended but the rest will be done soon.

Thanks for the offers both here and in PM.

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It’s absurd that this important item is still exclusive. Devs, please open up the wayfarer totem and golden fists to ALL players. A year of exclusivity is plenty.


all 180 mass wayfarer Totem are in build

topic complete and can be closed