Looking for active communities

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Good morning Oortians!

I have returned after a brief hiatus and am continuing to build on an island on Alder called Coolabah, however, when I’m not building there I am struggling to have a sense of community in Boundless. It took me a month of playing when the game launched to really get into the community, but I wanted to reach out here to see what you all have been up to - I’ve been lurking the forums and it seems as though the community is more concentrated in certain parts (like the big guilds - ULT, PS, etc.). So I’m curious where you all are building / how big your [active] community is! I’d love to be able to build somewhere I can walk out my door and see other people playing and not have to venture through to the nearest hub. My main is a builder, but also have a hunter and forger alt which are pretty much max level.

On a side note - with the Empires update I am confused on the “Warden” - even when I align my builds and am able to determine the settlement name, the warden is still considered whoever the warden is of the encompassing settlement.

Thank you all!


Arie River Towns always seems to have people there when I visit. Lots of building going on. Frequent hunts. Good portal hub. Lots of space.


Come check out Cloud City on Imdaari through the US West ultima hub portal. We are a pretty active community. Most of us are daily users though this last week for me has left me little time to play. We’ve got a good discord set up and lots of group activities, meteor hunting, group mining runs, building projects etc… come by and check it out! Look for Renonko, Tone or Crunk in the town and I’m sure they’d be happy to give you a tour, anyone with the (Fist) guild too!


There will probably be a few people letting you know where the current active build are, but remember that it won’t be indefinite like some people seem to expect. The thing is, after a build is finished, you probably won’t stick around if it doesn’t have utility. So build sites that are “just decorative” don’t stay active for months. Think where you usually hang around, it’s probably in your workshop, shop, out gathering stuff, or building your current project. I remember someone saying something like, do you usually just sit around your build to wave at people passing by? Even after you’re finished.


River Towns Arie, there’s usually at least 4-5 of our guild on and when i’m online I’m generally in River Towns building something


Recently just opened another area for building on River Towns


Come check out Kindred Bay on Sorissi. You can find us through Greater Goods portal on PS Bitula. SE corner top row. We also have a portal to our guild hall on top floor of PURE glass hub. Top level on the right side named H.S.E. Guild Hall. A few others as well but those are the main 2 i use lol. We’re a fairly established community and recently set up some plots for future residents. We’re mostly looking for builders but anyone is welcome! Some of us also work nights so there’s usually people on at all times of the day.

We have a portal network set up to most of the T5 and T6 planets with plans to expand more as well. All positionally placed in either a scenic area or on top of some sort of resource. If you decide you’d like to build with us we can unreserve a spot for you. (We dont charge coin for our reserved slots either. All free!)

Hope you find a good home :smile:. My name is Mag in game btw. Give a /shout if you (or anyone) stops by looking for a home.


Hey aquatopia still doing its thing just beware we have don’t rush rule Def welcome :blush:


Can come check out bramble land on sorissi. Can find us on ps bitula hub feelzgood or diagon alley. We are a smaller community 4-5 main people usually Most of use are on everyday depending on IRL. On side note I wondered what happened. I used to sell my oort to you was a very reliable basket @185


Legendville on Tana VII is always busy. We’re also a Great City, so better footfall.

We are built at world height limit.


Gyosha Mall has also been booming for a while now. Found in PS Gyosha portal hub, Ultima hub bottom level, and too many shops to count. It’s a fun place where the shop is the build, and Gyosha City (part of the mall) is a place to go nuts with free build.


We have quite a few plots over in PS-HQ in Grovidas Te, always people there given it connects to both aqua and other PS networks, as well as a few of us usually working on projects there.


On Pheminorum, the town of Duskmoor is still busy with people from all timezones, so there is almost always a few people or more running around, and are getting new players homesteaded constantly!


I have a few plots of the east road right now. Unsure what to do with it. The beacon is Sundown Gazebo, it’s been there since launch lol


I passed by today and it looks really nice! Might come check yall out again soon.


Hey! Yah I stopped playing for a bit :). I try to keep my prices pretty reasonable lol. I was trying to do a forge shop but didn’t really work out, trying to figure out what to reopen once I figure out what I can commit to this game :slight_smile:


I’m pretty sure you’re not to far from me on alder. I’m on quite a bit. Swing by if you see me on.