Looking for active settlement

Hey guys,
I’m looking for a place to build that has some active users. The more the better. I’m open to anything, but if you know of something with gleam restrictions, that would be great. :)))

We are very active here in a fireborn nomads. Planet alder. The capital.

Is this monk from duskmore?

Hey Savior. No, that’s not me. What portal hub is your city connected to? I’ll keep looking.

If you take ultima to alder then head through fireborn it will put you in my hub.

Also from gyosha mall, tnt (second floor)

I’ll be on tomorrow to show you around and Some good areas of you like.

If you want a small community (we’re about 22 people atm), come to RINO Neighborhood on Raxxa. Always welcoming new players.




That is just amazing!

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Thank you kindly

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