Looking for active Worst of the Worst guild members (WotW)

Hey all. I’m looking to communicate with someone active in the WotW guild. Perhaps the member this is the worst name is active here.

Just want to discuss what’s going on with their workshop on Trior. Thanks.

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ow this is actually a guild
was checking why you wanted the worst off the worst in your guild was very intrigued :smiley:


yes, it’s a guild and they’re my new neighbors and ingame cha t is, lol

dont wonna upset ya but word on the street is they the worst off the worst


plz go on, what’s the word?

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i’d just like to talk with someone in it.

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aww. I was going to nominate myself as I’m a member of several guilds that I actively forgot about.
not a member of WotW though… … I think…

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if they have no mailbox and ya never see them
my final trick is buildign a sign with mailbox under it
near there build and make it obvious you wonna talk
and the plot is just for communication and will be removed kina thing worked a few times for me


Sent him a link to this post on discord

@Ross hey, I’d like to see your place and this interesting guild.

I like the name :slight_smile:
I think I’ve seen thisistheworstname a few times in my mall

Be careful they don’t play nice .