Looking for Actual Green Gleam [SOLVED]

I am looking for someone who has a decent count of Green Gleam ACTUAL Green, I will also consider Luminous or Vivid but would prefer TRUE Green. I am willing to pay a fair price for it but won’t be gouged either.

Thanks in Advance!

I’ve got all gleam being sold in GLEAM BUY & SELL
can be found via Jacey’s Mall in Eresho.
Also they is a portal in the shopping portals in ULTIMA Eresho

WOW thanks man but that is WAY too rich for my blood. Thanks though. If I ever get that kind of dough I will come back.


I don’t remember if luminous or vivid have been on an exo yet. But I know green hasn’t yet. So only way to get that is from Gleambow which means the price will likely be a few thousand ea on the low end.

Luminous Green has been on an Exo, try gleam universe - would be much cheaper than gleambow pure green.

Got it solved. Thanks Guys!

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