Looking for bean gathering tips

I have recently been trying to do more myself, rather than relying on buying and selling in the ever fluctuating economy.

Today I decided to gather spicy beans.

It feels to me that there must be a more efficient way or that I am missing something as coming up with 56 spicy beans in 40ish minutes seems like a poor return.

My method:

Look for planet with highest percentage of spicy beans (that is t5/6), which was Flan.
Grab an atlas.
Stick a spicy bean in.
Head to Flan with an unforged axe, no persisting pie as it seems a waste.
Axe in one hand, swapping autoloot and atlas in the other.
Run toward hotshots, gathering up and choppable surface resources as I go.

And tips on how I can improve my return based on time?

Thanks :slightly_smiling_face:

Spicy beans seem to be the cheapest in the market around 6-15 per so I never farm those bitter beans and sweet beans are the ones that take some time I farm bitter beans on bese ice really seems to be the safest terrain along with flattest. Bitter beans for sure I go to merika and farm up oortian staffs. Super fast to get them plus luck and gathering epic with a atlas will yield many in a few hours.

As for the spicy beans if you do 10 meteors on merika It should net you around 10-15k worth of oort just sell that and you can either set a basket up for spicy beans for 15c or go run the market should be able to buy a smart stack or close to it for that price.

Spicy beans i usually farm from a t1 planet. Sorissi is pretty good. I prefer t1 planets because the terrain is way easier to travel than a higher tier. Downside is you wont get thos other high tier plant drops along the way


You can try farming the bitter beans, sounds like you are more than prepared to do so. Then coin trading those in for spicy bean purchase. It is at least a 5 to 1 ratio per bean and is possibly less farming/searching also. Having the gathering perk and max luck will give you the best results also.

I actually seem to get more spicy beans on t1 than I do t6. I attributed that to the fact that spicy isn’t a rare drop and the rare drops get a buff on the higher planets. Tho I only tested a small amount. I was taking the plants themselves to t6 planting them and breaking them.

Time ratio it’s about 1 hour to 1 and a half hours to do 10 meteors on merika which would net you around 10-15k worth in oort then turn around and sell that so you can buy spicy beans it definitely seems to be the fastest way considering even at 20 c a piece you will be getting around 500 on the low side in spicy beans. Definitely faster then farming the beans themselves now if the oort price disappears I would suggest t1-t3 planet as those would be the smoothest to farm them at a decent rate.

Hmm… I get tons of beans every time I go to Lamblis… but I know that planet well. It’s a beans and meteors trip when I go - collect beans until I see a meteor, rinse and repeat. Don’t have exact numbers but with the double plant drop epic I get 100+ per hour easy even with pausing to do meteors.

My gatherer has max run speed with shovel and axe mastery to be able to 1-hit plants. I pay more attention to finding a nice flat area with lots of plants, regardless of world level. Then I zip around the flats on my grapple smacking plants with a basic titanium axe on the way by them if on ice, or pop a speed brew and run around like the flash if on land. Spicy beans are common enough I usually find patches of land in t1-t3 planets the easiest/fastest

Thanks for all the replies, seems the best idea is to farm something else, sell that and then buy the spicy beans!

Guess that’s maybe why the price has gone up on them so much, remember seeing/buying spicy beans for 5c or less.

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I purchase spicy beans 19c/ea. I have a high need of them for making pastes, which requires 2 times more Spicy than Bitter and a lot more people are willing to farm Bitter than Spicy as they think it’ll be a higher payout for time/effort spent.

I guess I should sell some of my spicy beans, I have three smart stacks of them, at one point I had thought of tossing some when I ran out of room.

Lower tier world’s are easier for spicy bean safer too, lower tier tools…where ever the fibrous leaves are high on T1 the spicy beans will be the secondary drop too. So whacking dessert swords on a T1 or even merica makes for quick collecting.
And merica will get you spicy and sweet beans really easily.

Janna no!! I buy Spicy Seeds 19c/ea!

I’ll sell them to you for that LOL I will keep some but let me see how much I will sell. But I can get them when I am out gathering the leaves to make sackcloth.

Yep, I just run around on Alder for spicy beans and fibrous leaves to sell. There are some good flat plains around my home base that are great for spotting them.

Not sure if anyone mentioned this. But you’ll want gathering epic, max luck, max points to all for best chance on double drops. And max control, and shadow effect And resistances for the higher tier planets. You’ll be able to get close to enemies and they won’t attack you.

Sell them to me, me, me! :slight_smile:

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Spicy beans are one reason I don’t miss my big shop. You know how much time I spent just stocking those alone. :man_facepalming:t4:

Fid, just run from the back of squid house towards Taco. I have been farming and selling to ark n arts, easy to get a few hundred an hour along with inky & fibrous

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Also if gathering on high tier like norkyna especially, watch out for trumpet roots, they’re everywhere and they always drop spicy beans I believe, with a chance for sweet and bitter. So a glow shroom run can yield a fair few beans as well.