Looking for Bob Builder

Hello! I’m looking for the character called Bob builder. Can anyone help me to contact him? I want to talk to him about a beacon in sochaltin.

Thank you!

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I writ him a ingame Massage :grinning:

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Different bob than @Ratchel?


I’m not sure, is she/he Bobbuilder?

Thank you! I want to know if he/she can remove a beacon called Sand-Sochaetor 1-Oxide Yellow. I checked it and there is nothing there. I’m expanding my base and his/her beacon is in the way.

Yeah that’s probably a farm spot I’m sure he will move it

…for a price (Jkjk)

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Well I’ve seen more than one bob builder he is one of them. But it being an open space doesn’t sound like him. He makes proper farms


I’m confused in your post you say a beacon in Finata…though the beacon of mine you speak of is on sochaltin 1 and is a built beacon for sand. It’s my sand farm. Only good spot I found on planet and has been there for quiet some time.

It is sochaltin, sorry

Then you use it to farm the sand around it?

I just check the beacon, it is a built up beacon. 17 plots. It’s underground so you only saw the roof.

Yep I use it for concrete making. The farm is inside of the box you were probably standing on.


@Ratchel What size of sand would you like to have in your new farm?

If you see a decent area of sand just let me know, can pm me the location.