Looking for boundless pvp game ideas from all


Build an arena, competitors enter unarmed and with out grapples. Other players throw snowballs to aggro wildstock. Last player standing earns a grapple and wins if they escape.


Add mandatory 30 minute vulnerability times to the top 5 settlements on each world during which the border plots are destructible. After they are completely cleared out the plot can be made neutral by use of a special beacon.


Um no I so not agree to this one, it takes away all the joy from building. But if your are tsking about the buffer, well that I dknt agree with either. The buffer would exhist for a reason, any way for other players to come and remove jt isnt fair to those who want it. Also some players dont aim for top5, it just happens as they build their dream base.


I understand that probably 99% of players play just to build these massive beautiful cities, but i think it would be cool to add like 10 pvp planets.


oh if the pvp would be seperate from current cities im all for that…provides paths for both types of players without causing disagreements between both.


There are lots of fun things to do with bombs. You and your competitor are in an arena with an enourmous enraged wildstock. You both have bombs with massive knockback (We’ve seen wildstock go flying from bombs like these). Can you hit the wildstock into you competitor and be the last man standing?

You could also have bomb fights using some of the current precarious terrain. Fight on a foliage raft above lava, or on one of those planets that have giant holes everywhere.


Can easily be done with some sort of added forge gum. Forge a bow to dot someone instead of create dmg.
I would be up to create a paintball course if this was a possibility.


No thanks. Sick of just expanding on the forge. It seems like that’s the go-to idea whenever a new idea gets brought up. Give us an entirely new item to craft and use or don’t do it at all.

New items are better than new forging effects.


lol, then how else would this be possible.


You make a completely separate “weapon” and it shoots paintballs, sort of like how the Slingbow shoots rock projectiles.

This shouldn’t be something that needs to be explained.


I guess each their own.

I would rather see a cheap gum that is used on current bows. Even on cheaper material bows.

Would help clear the market & make them more profitable.


A slingbow can be part of the crafting recipe. It’s not like it’s unheard of to use a final crafting recipe item as part of another item’s recipe.

The game needs new items though regardless if it’s a cheap gum or an entirely different and new weapon.


I am new player but the ideas in this tread are great! What about a Hide and Go Seek game?

Have one team of faster hunters that need to tag the hiders with a sling bow and the other players get a minute head start and they get a hammer that can destroy like 10 blocks before it itself so they can emergency burrow in the ground somewhere. :joy:


Using our current metrics. Set up a prize on a shop stand build 10 (or any number) layers of blocks all around the prize. Have players armed only with wood totems in their inventory. Obviously the idea is to get the prize. However the challenges would be that players can use the blocks that they removed from the build to place and hinder the other players progress. Secondly the build is slightly elevated 2 blocks above the ground so you also have to use blocks as steps… which the other player can break.

There can be other variations added to this. Multiple structures, multiple teams, raise the build and add grapples.


I have it. Human (oortian) pachinko!!!


How about a cross-world- cross build- cross capital- interdimensional SCAVENGER HUNT!?

Teams, with riddles, and hidden shop stands set up at the riddle locations?


Grappleskating races between friends so you can grapple your friends during the race to gain advantage.

Heres a preview of the track im working on.
(Sorry, had a little fun with the video editor)

It is still WIP but anyone can come try, i need feedback.

Located near the Sasquatchville hub on Alder