Looking for coil Estimate

720 Adv Refinery coils
1080 Adv Mixer Coils
720 Adv Compacter coils
720 Adv extractor Couls
360 Adv Centorforge Coils

I’m Looking to buy all this is there a Discount on buying bulk and does anyone know a estimate on how much coin so I can focus on getting coin

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Try talking to @host apparently he is coil god


man what kinda cookie you planning to make?
sounds crazy

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@Fuzzybear1919 I’m but I don’t sell my coils I use them for decorating/building

@BabyCookie this is the rough estimate for the coils at the current price value






TOTAL: 3.672.000c

or hand trade it would be cheaper

for example, the seller could avoid tax what would make the total roughly at 3.396.600c (if at a 7.5% tax rate)

you could come to an agreement on 3.500.000c for the lot so both win a bit

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Really I figured U would sell em if they asked huh whatever love and learn

Ok who wants to make me coils for 3.5 mil

Maybe @catfud ?
You can probably buy all you need from their shop.

Otherwise I could probably make it happen. Just need to do some more mining


I don’t thinks they can do that much but I’d still check

Sure he does, and he has several shops. I spent over 5m to him a couple of weeks ago.


Oh ok
10 chars

Sleepy me has awoken.
@BabyCookie if no offers taken up yet my ex-tax price is 3,397,680.
Mixers will take a day but otherwise have all in stock.
Can collect today, if you want, and pay me when you are ready.
If that sounds good, pm me :call_me_hand:


I bet shes gonna use them as flower pots.


She or he? I thought cookie is a guy :slight_smile:
Laughed well on the coils being used as flower pots! Awesome!


That could be

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So How much in total and when you on I can give now boop
Everyone that kurious I out grew my mini workshop Decided to build a bigger one and I was like might as well go MEGA mwahahaha
Plus me got inpatient on waiting for 1 machine doing 30 mass crafts so why don’t I just have 30 machines doing 1 Mass craft cut down on time Mwahahaha


signing in now if you are free


wakey wakey

very tempting to build around you…


Zzzzzzz :laughing: :cookie:

@BabyCookie is secretly building a MEGA cookie factory… too bad she won’t share any cookies with anyone :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Lol I was afk for 15 min :laughing: I’m at your place Blaze-chan @catfud

Thank you all for the fast responses boop