Looking for community

Here we go again. I miss having folks to play with. I took a break after my last community imploded. I lived in Duskmoor.

I’d like to get back into the game but solo building isnt what I enjoy most.

If you have an active community, doesnt have to be huge, I’d like to visit.

I play on ps4. US Eastern time zone but play a lot of different times. Looking forward to meeting some new people.


Right now me and my friend Urzen play on Beckon and look to start our own community though it is only just the two of us atm. Every one is welcome :smile:

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Hey Ron welcome pretty soon you wil get invited from many players around the boundless universe let me add myself to the list…

Glad to see u want to give it another shot!

I’m located on Xa Frant we are currently with a team of 6 active players online daily we love to have people to join us and build with us,no matter what your goals are! Also wont matter in what speed you do it! I’m the worst builder ever, but i enjoy what i do, and enjoy maintaining a settlement.we have access to the big hubs and for portal cost from your place to the portal hub is totally free of charge! Have a look on Xa frant and see if u would like to join in the fun.
Ofcourse theres better settlements out there to join and that might have a better population.

Good luck Ron


Hey @ron check out iLLumiNaughty! We’re on Trioris USE. We are mostly PS4 players and super active. :blush::blush:


I first landed on trior. I need to come back and visit

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Check out DK mall too, we have a few former duskmoor people there :blush: it’s USE on Tana

Lacuna, on Storis II (USW) has several active players. Mostly in the evening.

tnt - Storis planetary portal.
P.S. Gravidias Hub - “Lacuna” behind the big boori portal.
DK’s Legendville - Large portal "Lacuna - Storis)

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I rep Imoco blud we got some real thugs there like that Gangster Lapis, the Homie Pseudo over there building top secret stuff and hecka much of those Balla Portal Seekers wearing purple and stuff messing up the hood yo
sorry wrong game.
Um, yeah Imoco is pretty cool in my opinion - we get +20 or so people on planet at once and a lot of French and Belgian players land there when they choose Peaceful start after buying the game.
I feel you though, my buddy got the game with me, he got the game to relax and build but it’s not ‘shooty’ enough for him so he doesn’t play much at all… then he was in the hospital over new years, and I’m basically alone with a Friendlist. Kinda have to decide what you want and go for it.
I don’t want to give up my projects just to work for someone else in the game so, I guess I gotta go it alone.

Iconic is mostly USE with a mix of EU. Main base is on Biitula. Hello again Ron.

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