Looking for: Comptroller, treasurer, financial advisor, Guild Accountant etc


Looking for someone good with coin, spending it, collecting it fast, Someone good at business to join the ICF. Seems to be a well needed role in a guild. Trying to fill key positions in the ICF ( Infinity City Forever ) so I can get the ball rolling and start getting things set for it to be a successful guild. Buffs, hubs maybe, hunts, guild hall, community work shops etc.


Im good at spending coin.

Just ask @catfud. Any extractor coils ready? Im only half way finished.


I know very well how to make coin! Sad thing is I know ever better how to spend it! :joy:

Just like real life :smiley:


wondered who has being buying all of those :+1: just put our 500 or so


I would love to, but as you know I have the guild kingdom and all that you ask for, is what I do daily, it’s a lot of hours and I want to do it, but it makes you heavy


You have a guild already to run lol a bigger one than this, you have name recognition! @Orrian

Same with you I thought @AeneaGames

And perhaps we could discuss the kingdom being a Faction ? But if not I get it! I wanted my own thing too hence the ICF lol @karakavra


officially the guild kingdom has been absorbed by villarie, we have changed the name, the true king of arie has returned and with all his prestige, I encourage you to think, if you would like to come to our city and join us, you will be one more and you will be considered worthy


I can’t abandon my work now, so many others have joined the ICF, and I can’t let what Creteus created die, I must continue to manage the ICF