Looking for deep azure rock

Anyone have some of this rock for sale and for how much? Its from a pretty old exo

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Incase anyone organized by exo lol


Dang i knew it was from a while ago lol its a stretch, but maybe someone has a stash of it thanks for posting that :grinning:


are you in game now? I have a ss you can have (foc)

Hey sorry i just saw this message, i can hop on if you are still around,
i will be gong to bed but i will be on tomorrow thanks!
btw i have to pay you some coin please, im trying to make this color mosaic for a customer :slight_smile:

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might have to be tomorrow or you can set up a request basket at Olympus ? (bought some speedy hammers there this morning :slight_smile: )

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…hmmm I think zeuz is asleep, gif party time!


nsfw 7543670f-e128-4233-a6a5-d256604cd34b_text


hello! im online are you available? @catfud

logged off but saw your message so back in :stuck_out_tongue: