Looking for diamond speed dmg aoe hammers with forge effect damage+200 or more

Having trouble finding these. Need them for my build. Georgio has them and Enjoy sometimes does.

Any other spots? I need my damage over 6000

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what gem do you need?

I’m dumb and it’s on the title.

How many are you looking for?

Dunno, a few SS ideally

Why the high damage?? And for what build on what planet?

And how much speed you want minimally?


Dub-t stalkery ps boori hub
PS shop at ps grov-te selling t6-7 forged hammers with speed
nova golda - forgeries (Aranea shop)


Yup @AeneaGames is currently schooling me as to why I don’t actually need +260 hammers in PMs haha
I’m not mad though cuz she is right!


I’ve had the same schooling :smile: but yeah, +20 is enough…do buy almost all my hammers from @AeneaGames

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If your still looking, I stocked several in Q-Mart just last night. Sapphire and Diamond.

Yea I wondered why over 6000 msg… I thought it was around 5472 area to one shot t6…but a fast blue hammer with strength brew is better in my opinion…

Topaz and sapphire are the same right?

Nope…topaz is harder to forge .blue is better

Lol. You bought me out. I’ll be forging later hopefully.

Topaz is swift, Sapphire is balanced.

Excellent work @AeneaGames I hate having to tell people off, but I just can’t help myself with this one, haha.