Looking for following players in Duskmoor

I’m looking to talk to any of the following players that reside in the South district Black Light Pheminorum

@Dunford23, InfinityBL4D3(foldedpants)
Griefter, MarleyArya(Dunford23) Bahari(Firstname1999) Agile(The-Agile-One)
Saadia, Kat,

pls contact me on Black Light Discord or here in regards to your areas in South Black light were in process of many wonderful changes & upcoming ones would like to see what your future plans are for Boundless.

Thanks, Nytemara South District Mgr
& Good Travels
wherever you are :hugs:

Hi! Sorry I haven’t been active recently. Been super busy in real life. Just popped on today! Crazy how much has changed in black light!

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Is it black light again now? Or did a new black light pop up somewhere?

Someone PM’ed me the other day claiming to be from the “new administration” or whatever to change the sign at my shop since the city had apparently changed name and was under new management.

Since I find it annoying when people give themselves made up nonsensical bureaucratic titles in games for self aggrandizing I just closed the portal instead. :stuck_out_tongue:


Is called Darkmoore now. Not sure who is organizing it.

Person named Salt on Discord seems to be taken charge of a new discord and renamed the city.
I guess you can go here for the easiest way of communication with this management.

Hi :hugs:
Black light is now Duskmoor, same great community just different city name.
We do have a new Discord & all are
Welcome to join us in chat & voice chat.

You can find me South side Duskmoor.
Stop by & say hello & join us anytime.
Good travels & Yabo😀