Looking for forgeries!

Who forges?

Looking for special hammers to be able to remove ores in one peice, auto closing door spanners and more!

Post your shops locations! <3

Isn’t this just done with a shovel and the gathering skill? I have not done it myself yet.

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No idea! Not yet tried tbh

You need a shovel for that and gathering epic. I think I have an auto door closer at Giorgio Oortmani’s located in DK’s legendville mall.


Oh! So its just a shove? Ill give it a shot! Thank yo u!


No problem. :+1::beers:

Whatever is one of my shops, in gyosha mall, it has one of @majorvex 's 7 day portals this week so I tidied it up.

699c - 999c Specialty tools, when those titanium spanners sell out I’ll probably make them in silver for 799 too:

Copper bombs for 679:

Diamond Healing bombs offer more HP for 4500, Topaz Heal bombs offer less HP but more range for 4200.

Avenue A Shop 03.

For AoE and high level tools I usually go to Nova Golda on trung. Aenea will do specialty stuff if you ask and I have some diamond shovels from her that are able to 2 hit plants (gathering epic) on level 6/7. I haven’t tried gathering any seams yet though.


Give me a shout I can custom forge you something now that I do not forge full time.

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I stock most forges in my shop Black-Market Traders

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Original Forgeries, Nova Golda Market, Trung, portals PS Lamblis upper ring, Ultima Eresho 2x2 shop portal area (behind the EU planet portals), Fantasy Hub, Lake and many more!

Tho I really need to restock on sooo many items!

As said, you need a shovel + Gathering Epic.
I have small shop in Nova Golda (B5) focused on mining equipment, and from the special stuff:

  • 3x1 harvesting axes (to harvest your farm quick, without breaking it)
  • Underwater axes (that sinking feeling + Damage)
  • Goo gathering axes (Damage, Magnet, light)
  • Lattice chisels
  • Liquid tools (Solidifiers 3x3, Breakers 3x3 and 1x1)

Most stuff made of Topaz for maximum durability, speed and low energy consumption.

Pm me some evening (EST) when you’re free and Come by my build. I’ll show you how to make those things if you’d like. I have the unforged items, ingredients, and machines and it isn’t very hard : )
Edit: in hindsight, I shouldn’t assume you don’t already know how to make them, lol.

Yep, I wish there was a one hit hammer with gathering on it. That would be OP.

Ristok in Autumn Dell can forge just about anything. He has a dozen or so perfect forged hammers for sale currently. I believe the shop is called “Feorge Forgemans”.