Looking for friends to build a community with! :)

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I am interested in making friends as well as building a community together with one another.

The community I have planned is one of creative freedom, where we are free to create whatever we want, however, we want, whenever we want, wherever we want.

Although I have in mind that we put the common wellbeing of the community first, which means that we ensure that the prosperity of our interests as a group, is maintained, such as building together and prospering each other’s creations.

Note that I have the intention of starting the community on Solum.

With that said I welcome you to join the community, all you need do is reply with your intention of doing so, from there all we need to do is get in contact with one another.

I look forward to playing together! :slight_smile:


hey zionhoffman do start making room for village portal in aquatopia :smile:
trying to link the villages


When I get the plots to make the portal room, I’ll cook up something fancy to link us together! :smiley:

But first I need to design the temple which will act as the center of the community I want to build, I’ll make a thread detailing how I want to design it, and see if I can get any feedback on it.

Maybe I’ll put the portal inside the temple!

I’ll make a detailed thread on how I want the community designed, unfortunately, I cannot draw outside of geometric shapes, although I am good at describing details so hopefully I can use my skills to my advantage and portray what it is that I intend to create.

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Depending on what materials you’ll need, I might be able to assist in some raw materials like rocks, maybe some coal here and there. Right now I can’t invest land plots to someone else’s project design but I can lend a helping hand in getting things built or supplying of materials.

I just need to know the scope of the project and what kind of materials are needed. I’ll have a better picture then if I want to commit to anything.

if i can give some advise
portals are windows into another worlds so
they have greater efect if you put them overviewing the village instead of in a room in a temple could work
also if you planning a shopping section make it lead easy to the shops
this will atract more people and footfall
but you the boss just saying :slight_smile:

a portal 4wide 2 high with a one block stairs create a nice view before entering them
+fuel stays only 1shard an hour not 2 (if they go from solum to solum)


Hey I’m a trader/laborer looking for a community to be in please know i can only do a community on epsilon unless you know the cords to a portal

@Imagneer07 As far as I know, every planet’s capital has portals to other planets. All you have to do is follow the yellow/gold icon on your compass. On Epsilo, the capital is the Hive, which is connected to Solum via two portals. Just watch your step; I know from experience how easy it is to fall to your death in the Hive. :laughing:

ok thanks i haven’t played in a while

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hey man come join us on aquatopia got a huge shopping center
super active we need traders

hey thanks but i just joined a small community on therka called loch lomond

but once i get things up and running here i might make a portal to my shop over there

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cool man you more than welcome just did expansion so plenty off room