Looking for gleam certain colors

Anyone know where bright sepia is located? Or cold teal need a ton rather farm it

Cold teal is norkya I think, if you go thru the portal seeker networks each hub has a portal for the gleam on that planet (If it has gleam)

Yea cold teal is norkyana. Bright sepia was from an exo but it was plentiful so you can probably find it for a decent price somewhere

Pale sepia on gysho ophin, sorry not it game and trying to remember spellings and locations

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Geisha Dolphin :grin:


Speaking of Gyosha Ophin, how do peopl pronounce it??
Like yosha-owen (my strange way of saying it haha)
Or gosha-ofin…
Or guyosha orphin…

I never know hahah

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Better than what my phone auto corrected to, gypsum orphan


for me the first part starts like in Giorgio (softer than in GEORGE though) and the second part I pronounce the “o” like in ON rather than OVER, while “ph” is an “F” and finally the “in” just like word IN (so the last vowel is like in BEARD rather than BIRD):

Gyosha Ophin
/dʒjoʃa ɒfɪn/


I’m notoriously bad at pronunciation but in my head it’s Ji o sar O Fin

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I pronounce it Ghee-oh-sha.


Did I here my name? Lol.

I say Guy-osha O-fin


I say

Guy-oh-sha Oh-fin :woman_shrugging:t4:


it makes a nice acronym actually: GO

let’s go to GO lol :grin:

ok, you all want to impress me? pronounce this: Skuumaadwab :joy:

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That one’s easy:

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All avaible colours, from nearly all avaible blocks

I just pronounce it guy-o-sha. Though most time I just call it home :joy:

I been calling it Skum-waad…I gave up trying to be correct… I actually short name all the planets… for science :grimacing:

Edit; maybe we need a separate post to see how everyone pronounces all the planets!! Would be fun!!


I think there was one - or was it about the pseudonyms for them?

Ty everyone