Looking For Gray lustrous

Is there any?
Or even close

Dark Gray:

World Tier Indicator
GonjaR Temperate (2) Sovereign
Pluton Placid (1) Sovereign
Fantasia Fierce (6) Sovereign
Fantasia Fierce (6) Sovereign
Solum Placid (1) Sovereign

Oxide Gray:

World Tier Indicator
Ayati Rugged (3) Sovereign
Cynortas Fierce (6) Sovereign
Hyrule Fierce (6) Sovereign
Antares Inhospitable (4) Sovereign
Solida Adamas Fierce (6) Sovereign

Oxide Gray would work… Any idea are these planets In TNT Or so? Prefer lower ones

For the Oxide Grey on Hyrule, there is a portal to some island trees at Paka’s Palace, Alcyon, off TNT Alcyon. T6 more wear of course, but with those trees, if you dig underground just a bit, there is a layer of solid wood all around the trunks. The trunks themselves are hollow but easy to farm wood right under the surface.

Edit: Also this farm though not sure if still up - T6 Farms: Horizontal Sap / Bark / Lustrous - Safe & Efficient - 4 farms - 4 COLORS!

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The farms on your planets are still there :slight_smile:


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