Looking for guild... i'll be casual.. no leeching


So basically I had a decent castle base and a decent shop. I let my sub run out so someone demolished my entire base on ceph merika but I think my shop is still up. It was called Biggles Supplies. I sold mostly refined rock. I may want to jump back into this game as a strict casual. So I was wondering if there are any guilds out there that I can join. I WILL NOT need any type of expensive stuff. Mostly just steel hammers and what not. And pretty much I make everything I use. I wouldn’t mind a small boost at the beginning just to ger another base running. I love building and chiseling. That is the only reason i play the game. I will build and chisel stuff for free. I’ll follow any guild guidelines. I’m not looking to make money. Just to chill out and build and mess around in a good chat from time to time. I’m on Ps4. Thanks for reading. My psn is X-BigE-X. Biggles#6327 is my discord. I’m 36 from NY.


I could hook you up, man.
I got a guild for me and my friend, so it’s not Ultima and stuff. We rarely enable guild buffs, but I might be able to help with some things.
We’re playing on Raxxa, our place is the Raxxian Sanctuary (accessible through the PS hub).
I’ll send you a PM with more infos if you want.


Sweet thanks.


Feel free to check us out at Kindred Bay on Sorissi. We have a fairly active group and we’re constantly expanding. Our guild is H.S.E. (Holy Sorissian Empire). Mostly run grapple rank 3 and rank 2 wear and tear guild buffs. We’re a free build city so you can build whatever you want.

We’ve got portals in various places as well as our own T6 network.
Main portal to Sorissi from Ultima Eresho
Or find the giant clock tower in Ultima Eresho
Greater Goods portal in PS Biitula (upper west side)
And many others

I’ve got portals to Mad Mag’s in DSK Galaxy and Hunt Hive as well. If you like it, just find a spot thats open on the outskirts or we could free up some plots closer inside the city.


Same, got supplies and materials your free to use. :slight_smile:

If you want a castle then i have a small one i will never finish and the start of one ill never finish. You could take over one of them. The small one has a complete workshop with coils and storage i dont use. :slight_smile:

Also have a portalsystem that goes:

With public gem mines.

Portal to it can be find at the top floor of antar vi. «Tomir’s Endgame»


You can join Reapers if you can find the book. Come to Reapers Respite on Gyosha. Right beside ultima us east.
We got a good group of people to play with if that’s what you’re looking for. Also have a bunch for good builders. And lots of inspiring builds. Can help you get a base up and running. And no obligation of anything other than passing the reapers trials.


Hey there:sunglasses:

There are a few of us running SPA (Solo Player Alliance), possibly a perfect fit for a casual player, who can enjoy some low/medium guild buffs without being asked to do anything specific. We do our own stuff individually by definition and come together to hunt/mine/build only when we feel the need. We keep separate bases/shops/machine halls but share locations, resources and footfall whenever it suits us or makes sense.

We help each other and other players even when they are not in the guild, just by a chance of meeting in game and talking. We have provided people with materials, tools and advice many times, no strings attached - so even if you don’t feel like joining the guild you can always pop in to one of our places, make contact outside game etc. and we will help with whatever you might need. We also chat on discord with players who are in different guilds but like good talk, sharing experiences and ideas or a joke.

Our main settlement is Cill Airne (on Boori, a part of larger settlement called Two Shores; you can get there via Aquarius/Ultima network easily, as their Boori hub is in our town).
We also have smaller bases on Lasaina, Gloviathosa, Houchus, Muliarakrib and Norkyna that are welcoming to any settlers that like building in pretty interesting spots (both for the looks of it and the resources available nearby).

I better stop now, before it gets too long… :wink:


Thanks guys!! Im at work so sry if i dont respond


hey your profile sound super aquatopia style
chill not rushing and i usually have lots off chisel work
ow and we not money oriented our members usually help eachother to get stuff

you even dont have to join the guild
we use them mostly for system and build acces

and if you just looking to chisel our roads at the farming estate need alot off chiseling i can hook ya up with the tools ya need

and if ya need stuff to build ya base me and my friends got ya covered for sure

try out our i play when i want approach :smile:

atm i can also use some help our even a bossman on a huge public dye factory at our farms location

also atm we slow opening a 3000plot mall its build but we still trying to come up with good systems

lots to do :smiley:

in our discord you can get pinged about stuff catered to what ya like to do our are part off


Hi. :blush: I run the guild iLLumiNaughty. Our city is on Trior. We are primarily PS4 players and we often have chat going.

We have several guild/community projects if you want to participate in group projects, but if you prefer to solo most of the time, that’s all good too.

We do not have requirements for joining our guild and we do have buffs which get activated each Saturday. We do have some requirement for building in our city center, but we have options available for stores and such.

Our only rule is “Don’t be a D$&@“ and remember you represent an entire group when you wear our guild tag… :blush:

We have a community workshop for newer players until they have their own powered machines.