Looking for guild with buffs

I’m going to be looking for a guild the next time I play I need hunting buffs. If your a long lasting guild with top tier hunting buffs and room to take me in let me know coords of your book.

I could keep buffs active on my own but for how much I play it would be a major coin sink and just not worth it to me so I would rather pay a due to an established guild once a month instead.

Ultima guild is maintaining 3 buffs every week :wink: all lv 3 :wink: You are welcome to join :slight_smile:

Come to Eresho Ultima Network Central :slight_smile:


Sounds promising I will stop by within 24 hours

Where is ultima based out of I seem to remember it being unplayable after mid day for me.

I’m open for suggestions.

Ultima is an awesome guild. The real questions are do you just want the buffs, or do you also want people to game with? If you just want to get the buffs and do your own thing, that’s fine as long as it works for everybody. And if you make a few friends, even better!

Yea I’m not looking for community other than group hunts. I like to do my own thing most often. So I feel it’s a good deal to join a guild and help share the cost of the buffs as I feel all members of the guilds should do. Even a 100k a month or oort donation to the guild should be a equal trade for joining to use there buffs.

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Just join reapers…go do the reaper trails if u get through u nay join…ps hub gyosha has big reaper cross with portal. Good luck

Why is it not how you find a guild…does it really matter? most guilds u can run through the main hub and find the guild book and join randomly anyway what’s the difference… please don’t take as a attack . Just more curious why it’s not how u get a guild.

Those endeavour requirements, though.