Looking for ideas on what to do with the assorted colors of glass blocks from Gleambow

I’d hate to see them go to waste. Any creative ideas that you guys have on how to use them within a build?

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Do some art with those…
Churches have cool glass art :slight_smile:


Im wondering the same. Wouldve been better imo if they had at least been ornate.


Also maybe use them as sunroof?
Some cool colors popping through :slight_smile:

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Get together with a bunch of people who want to trade, or start a thread on here, then swap types 1:1 for enough to make something you want out of a certain colour.

Or if you have 4-8 pieces you can make shafts of light with gleam and glass;

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Check out the city echelion on biitula there church has awesome windows for use of glass

I was thinking the same. I have so many different colours of glass and gleam and want to put them to good use but don’t know how. Especially as I only have 2 or 3 of each colour.

Had same problem last Gleambow event…

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Sell all the gleam to me :rofl::rofl:. Buying reds/greens/blues