Looking for low tier custom forge quotes

  1. How much do +4 projectile on gold slingbows cost?

  2. How much do 3x3 titanium shovels cost?

I am looking for low cost, so I don’t really need/want any boons i have to pay for extra


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just AOE on titanium shovels? I’m not sure what a good price is, but i have some in the making for 1500 each if that seems fair


I really don’t know what is a fair price.
A little pricier than I was hoping but I guess it wouldn’t be worth the forger’s time otherwise.

Where are you putting those for sale? I might pick up some later.

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Don’t know if i have 3x3 shovels (titanium) @ the old Terra Nova hub… (Lamblis-not in game currently)

But 1500c is a fair price i have titanium tools up for that price just don’t know what they are old forge tools i put up for sale a few months back. (Had them in storage for over a year at least).

:wink: again 1500 is a fair price for titanium forged.

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ill be on now and whenever you are

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sorry i was out for some hours.
How do I whisper you in game?
Can I buy 5 please if you still have, so 7500c total if i did math right?
If you find another buyer thats OK to, I don’t want to keep you hanging.

And thanks tmmk for the confirmation


So anyone have a quote for the gold slingbow with +4 projectile boon?


No problem :wink:
To whisper in game you have to be on the same planet. And Pm in game via mail box or by interacting with a chat text of host.

On the forum just do @HOST :wink:

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Might take a bit cause where we both are its 9am (i just woke up) :wink:

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Just arrived in game the titanium shovels i have are cross at 1250c and a few titanium bows…
Can’t forge atm out of mats :wink:

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I will be on in roughly 1 hour :smile: